We love talking about florals! We got to sit side by side with the Floral Guru herself this morning, Becki Creighton, owner of Flowers by Fugdie! She has a great tip for brides to think about before they start considering their flowers:

“When brides are picking out flowers for there wedding there are a few points that I think are important.

For our Sarasota or Florida brides, planning out door weddings using fresh flowers, you need to think of what flowers holds best in the heat, especially for those weddings in late May through Sept.  For example, hydrangea will not last, if  used on arches or chair clusters, as they need lots of water.  They are not happy when  the arch has to be completed an hour or so before the wedding as the sun is harsh on them and they wilt down quickly.   You can use hydrangea, those times of the year for bridal  and bridesmaids bouquets, with caution.  Keep in mind stems of the bouquets should be  wrapped with the bases of the stems exposed and in water at all times except when you are doing photo before.”